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Letter to Radio Islam


Radio Islam is a real eye-opener

Dear sir,
When time permits, I do like to read various opinions and sides to issues. Quite obviously here in America our main avenues of information do not reveal many facts. I have read some critical items about Jews but often have taken it in stride as that there are those who are of the Synagogue of Satan and then there are true Jews. Quite obviously, it seems many, who in powerful positions are of the type "of the Synagogue of Satan". Your website was a real eye-opener.  Although sometimes it "seemed" that Jewish leadership were a cause of a lot of problems, I always took it to be rather my imagination (that I would attempt to be very fair-minded). Your website quite honestly and vigorously points out that Jewish leadership is predominately evil. As a Catholic Christian my attitudes were formed to be honest, fair-minded and do for others (although history shows Christians did not always practice what they preached - it is difficult to do and Satan is always their is lead us astray). Quite obviously this attitude is not emphasized in Judaism and herein lies a major difference that makes Christians at a disadvantage with dealing with Jewish mentality. Christians are taught to be forgiving and charitable. I myself do not attempt to force beliefs on others. A person has to truly believe to be a believer. But I do find that a complete lack of any of the teaching of Christ from Judaism to be very much willful ignorance. Considering Christ was a Jew and very openly criticized the Jewish leadership of the day, and was unjustly tortured and condemned for it, the willful ignorance of Christ's teachings by Jewish leaders maybe very much in their own interest. But I do find that Christ's teaching and words would have a great deal of appeal to many, irregardless of their religion. I will tell others of your website. The obvious conclusions are there, that Jews should be treated exactly the same as any other American and subjected to the laws equally. The special privilege's should not be present in a fair and honest society. Our support of Israel is to the point of being totally ridiculous [such is the power of the Jewish lobby].                        





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