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On Shebaa Farms

American author Judith Palmer Harik writes in her book "Hezbollah - The Changing Face of Terrorism" (2005), pages 142-143:

Trying to better understand the issues involved in deciding the Shebaa Farms ownership, I consulted a professor of international law on the subject. He said that he found the question of who - or what authority- has the right to challenge boundaries and declare them valid or invalid was an interesting one. His opinion was that when two sovereign states agree that territory belongs to one of them and their presidents declare it several times publicly and put it down in writing it was probably sufficient. Moreover, he also said that the Shebaa Farms case remained hazy not through lack of facts, but because the Lebanese government had not sufficiently marshalled them to make a solid case for ownership. These facts began to emerge when Celina Nasser's report on property ownership in the Shebaa area was published. Researching the Sidon property registry, Nasser found the deeds for Shebaa Farms registered there and not in Syria. Two years later, an Israeli scholar, Asher Kaufman of the Hebrew University's Truman Institute came to a similar conclusion about Lebanon's ownership, based on information he had located in Paris. The maps and documents relating to Shebaa Farms he found were produced during the period the French held mandates over Lebanon and Syria. One document for instance, provided detailed information on the agreement worked out over a water dispute in the area. In the document, the area is referred to as part of Lebanon. Moreover, the French colonial officials reported that Shebaa residents paid their taxes in Marjayoun, Lebanon. The editorial that reported Asher's work took the Lebanese government to task for the sloppy case it presented to back its claim two years earlier, expressing chagrin that it had taken an Israeli to dig up the records that proved Lebanon's claim.
At any rate, in May 2000, Beirut backed up its claim with the facts to hand and produced Damascus' testimony that the land in question was not Syrian. Since there was no doubt that the Israeli presence in Shebaa was illegal, then forcing their troops to evacuate the area could, according to the Lebanese authorities, be defended as national resistance.

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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