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Radio Islam on Hezbollah and the Lebanese Resistance


Presently the global power of information is in the hands of the very forces who in the Middle East are promoting occupation, destruction and perpetration of War Crimes.

The Internet is the place where their dictat still is not complete and thus still a place where information contrary to their war propaganda, can be posted.

Lebanon, although a small country, stands in the middle of the present conflict. The reasons for this are geographical, historical, and ethnic/religious. Thus what happens in Lebanon has impact on the World political scene. Presently this small country has stood up against the world´s most powerful arsenals of destruction, and has - as in 2006 - shown that these forces even can be defeated! The impact of this historical event can still be felt, and has put the aggressors in a state of despair and chock, and inspired millions of freedom-loving people around the world.

This site is dedicated to the brave Lebanese men and women of all religious and ethnic denominations who - as we write - are standing up for the country´s sovereignity and dignity and by their acts are writing new pages in the chapters of resistance to totalitarianism.

"Israel" as an enemy is an extremely vicious one, a colonial state created on a massacred and ethnically cleansed people´s land, a state fueled by hatered and contempt for the lives of peoples not belonging to their "chosen people".

This extremely aggressive state - ideologically armed with its fanatic Judeo-Zionist Old Testamental ideology (whereby it in the 21st century is re-enacting wars from Biblical times) has through long time infiltration and power-brokering managed to gain access to the corridors of power of the US, the main European powers, and even Russia.

Apart from that the supporters of the Judeo-Zionist ideology in the so-called "Jewish Diaspora" are using their positions of influence in U.S., British, French medias for their anti-Arab war propaganda. Thus their state of Israel can perpetrate the most evil of deeds and war crimes without getting any real condemnations or sanctions. The latter subject is taboo in discussions in the medias of the West but is the real reason why this economically defunct colonial state is still operational.

This racist mafia is also surveilling the Internet, through organizations such as ADL and MEMRI and their likes, trying to stifle any voice of opposition through threats, intimidation and economical sanctions. Loads of homepages have been shut down, even "Google" has had to adjust itself to the dictats of this minority.

Our mission is to here publish the main documents revealing their crimes and hideous tactics. To shed light unto their gangster methods.

We also want to promote the Resistance of Lebanon and its arms, arms who are the only reason the entire country hasn´t already been swallowed by the Zionist Project. Because one should not be fooled - as soon as the guard is lowered the fanatical rulers of this colonial state "Israel" through their rabbis, will propagate for the implementation of their plans for a Greater Israel - "Eretz Israel" - where a great portion of Lebanon and its waters for long has been a part. That these people mean business in actions and not just words is clearly illustrated by the more than 60 year plight of the bereaved Palestinian People.

Through arms and readiness this enemy can be hold at bay, and their plans thwarted.


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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