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List of massacres committed by Israel in Lebanon since 1948



Qana Massacre #1 on Apr 18, 1996

Nabatiyeh Massacre on Apr 18, 1996

Mansouri Ambulance Massacre on Apr 13, 1996

Al-Zahrani Massacre in 1994

Aitaroun Massacre in 1989

Iqleem al-Toffah Massacre in 1985

Bier al-Abed Massacre in 1985

Sohmor Massacre in 1984

Sabra and Shatila Massacres in 1982 (2nd invasion)

Al-Abbasiyeh Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)

Khiam Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)

Adloun Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)

Kawneen Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)

Rashaya Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)

Al-Ouzaii Massacre in 1978 (1st invasion)

Bint Jbeil Massacre in 1976

Aitaroun Massacre on May 17, 1975

Yareen Massacre in 1974

Hanin Massacre on Nov 26, 1967

Houla Massacre #2 in 1967

Houla Massacre #1 in 1949

Salha Mosque Massacre in 1948

Brital Massacre on Aug 14

Ali Nahri Village Massacre on Aug 13

Bourj Al-Shamali Massacre #2 on Aug 13

Jibsheet Massacre on Aug 13

Al-Tayri Massacre on Aug 13

Rwais Massacre in Aug 13

Rshaf Massacre on Aug 12

Kharaib Massacre on Aug 12

Marjeyoun Convoy Massacre on Aug 11

Akkar Massacre on Aug 11

Mashghara Massacre on Aug 9

Ghaziyi Massacre #2 on Aug 8

Shiah Massacre on Aug 7

Ghaziyi Massacre #1 on Aug 7

Houla Massacre on Aug 7

Ansar Massacre on Aug 6

Qaa Massacre on Aug 4

Taibeh Massacre on Aug 4

Maaroub Massacre on Aug 1

Harees Massacre on July 31

Qana Massacre #2 on July 30

Srifa Massacre on July 29

Yater Massacre #2 on July 28

Deir Qanoun Massacre on July 28

Nabatiyeh Massacre #2 on July 25

Silaa Massacre on July 19

Ainata Massacre on July 19

Sour/Tyre Massacre #2 on July 19

Nabatiyeh Massacre #1 on July 19

Nabi Sheet Massacre on July 19

Al-Hawsh Massacre on July 17

Al-Rmayleh Massacre on July 17

Ebba Massacre on July 16

Tyre Civil Defense Massacre #1 on July 16

Borj El-Shamali Massacre #1 on July 16

Aitaroun Massacre #2 on July 16

Marwaheen Massacre on July 15

Zebqeen Massacre on July 14

Baraasheet Massacre on July 14

Yater Massacre #1 on July 14

Dwair Massacre on July 13

Aitaroun Massacre #1 on July 12


This Condensed List does Not contain All the Israeli Massacres. There are Hundreds of other Massacres including those committed against the Palestinians, Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians.


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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