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Not Telling the Whole Truth

By Sam

  • A Palestinian terror act is front page with gruesome details and color pictures, while its causes, such as house demolition, land confiscation, torture, provocations, dispossession,... etc, are, if at all, last page, small print or devoid of detail.

  • Palestinian refugees and their rights are never mentioned.

  • Whenever a bombing of Iraq is imminent, we are usually shown Israelis who are fitting gas masks to their children. No mention of the death awaiting IRAQI children.

  • Hitler is demonized way more than Stalin (or other mass murderers), whose crimes, by freezing and starvation, are double the former in number and monstrosity. One doesn't trip on a museum for the genocide of 8 million Ukranians around every corner.

  • The U.S. Aid to Israel and Israel's nuclear arsenal are rarely a topic of discussion.

  • Iran's development of the Shihab-3 missile (mid 1998) "that could reach Israel" was a Headline, while Vanunu's revelation (1986) of Israel's nuclear capabilities got virtually similar coverage/analysis.

  • The magnitude of the power of Israel's lobby in swaying Middle East policies evident in many places, such as U.S. vetos at the U.N., are kept away from the public,

  • Israel's crimes against the U.S. (espionage, USS Liberty, Lavon affair,... etc are only quickly addressed (if at all) as merely unintentional mistakes by Israel.

  • Palestinians are referred to as Arabs, hence, depriving them from their unique Palestinian national identity and justifying their expulsion as transfer.

  • Any Holocaust related story, such as Swiss gold, A holocaust survivor story or suspected ex-Nazi criminal trial, e.g. Waldheim, Demjanjuk, Papon, ... etc is immediately headlines.

  • Israel's dirty involvement with apartheid South Africa, Mobutu's Zair, Noriega's Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, the Iran-Contra affair, in addition to other rogue dealings, are never even alluded to.

  • The Talmud, classical Judaism's holy book, with racist and murderous teachings against the goyim (non-Jews) is never mentioned anywhere.

  • No mention of Zionist-Nazi and Zionist-Fascist cooperation prior to and during WWII, or the Zionist indifference to the genocide of their fellow Jews. All the blame is instead directed at the Christians of Europe, despite the many nuns and priests who perished in concentration camps and elsewhere, trying to protect Jews.

  • Confiscation of Palestinian land is projected to the world as a humanitarian cause of housing immigrant Jews (who are suffering by default, we are taught). All land issues in general, such as the sale by Palestinian collaborators to Israel are made into a real estate dispute rather than occupation of more Palestinian land.

  • Demolished Palestinian houses are ones without permit, but no mention of the denial of almost all building permits to the Palestinians for the last decade.

  • The Peace Process is projected as a noble deed by Israel sacrificing "land for peace", but no one mentions that this land is Palestinian to begin with, or of the actual figures of Oslo where Israel will end up in partial or full control of 95% of the West Bank under the security pretext.

  • Clinton and other politician declared that "it should be up to the parties (Palestinian Authority and Israel) to resolve their obstacles" which, in clear language, would translate to "it is up to the stronger party, Israel, to set the conditions it desires."

  • Rabin and Peres are crowned as "Princes of Peace", but you wont frequently hear about Rabin's break-their-bones policy against the children of the Intifada or about Peres' Grapes of Wrath operation where hundreds of innocent civilians were deliberately murdered.

  • A terrorist act by an individual who happens to be Muslim, is directly or indirectly attributed to the religion, Islam, by the use of such titles as "Islamic terrorism."

  • The 1967 war is portrayed as "defensive" and "pre-emptive" rather than expansionist as proven by the immediate launching of settlements. The 1973 war is portrayed as Arabs attacking Israel, rather than Arabs attacking the Israeli forces on Occupied Sinai and the Golan Heights.

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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