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When Will Our Turn Come?

Translated by Dr. Israel Shahak (A letter to the editor of Ha'aretz by R. Levi, published Feb. 19, 1991)

April 1991, Page 64

Yo'av Karni drew an interesting comparison between the dismantling of Communism under perestroika and the process of dismantling apartheid by De Klerk. But how is it that his train of thought did not lead him to draw a comparison between the apartheid laws in South Africa, which he dealt with in detail, and the laws and bureaucratic traditions which are taken for granted in Israel?

The 1913 Land Act [in South Africa] is not essentially different from the procedures employed by the Israel Lands Authority regarding state land (for Jews only) in Israel: be they the principles laid down in the Koenig report (the master plan for the Judaization of the Galilee); the activities of the Green Patrol in enforcing the law in the Negev and rounding up the bedouin in ethnic enclaves north of Beersheba; or the process for expropriating land and turning it over to Jewish settlers in the occupied territories.

Birth registration in accordance with the population census act of 1950 in South Africa (White, Black, Colored, Indian) is amazingly similar to the registration of religion and nationality in birth certificates and ID papers in Israel (Jew, Arab, Druze, Circassian, etc.) save for the slim possibility of changing one's entry by converting. (In practice, however, this is limited to European [who convert and become] Jews, or Jews who convert to another [religion]. An Arab always remains an Arab when it comes to the entry for nationality, even if he has converted to Judaism.)

The act governing living accommodations, which also dates back to 1950, is reminiscent of the ban on Arab workers spending the night in Jewish settlements. Or to the rulings of the Supreme Court and both national and local restrictions legitimizing racial discrimination, be it in regard to selling homes in the Jewish Quarter or plots of land in Zichron Yakov to non-Jews.

All this is in sharp contrast to public pronouncements about equality and freedom to live wherever one chooses when Jews purchase property rights in Arab areas or the Christian Quarter. Both we and [the South Africans] prohibit mixed marriages, and in effect there is a social taboo on joint accommodations.

It's true that in South Africa the white rulers constitute a small minority which, for the meantime, has the vote and control over 86 percent of the land, while we Jews are the majority both within the Green Line, or within Israel and the territories. In these areas, only Jews have the vote. And in the territories themselves, especially in Gaza, the demographic balance is totally different, as it is in the Galilee, Wadi Ara and the Negev. When, if ever, will apartheid come to an end in Israel?

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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